This Week in Film Photography #2

Issue #2 · May 21, 2023

Howdy, film shooters. Welcome to the latest edition of This Week in Film, where we recap for your reading pleasure all the news in the wide and amazing world of film photography. If you have any news to share or gossip to spread for next week, hit us up. If this is your first time here, please catch up on previous issues if you wish.

In the News

Did Andy Warhol infringe on photographer Lynn Goldsmith’s copyright? The Supreme Court seems to think so. While we are totally down with protecting photographers’ works, the ruling does muck up even more the already murky notion of what constitutes a derivative work or a creative reinterpretation.

The much rumored and desired 35mm film camera from Pentax will likely have a fixed lens. That’s a smart move: Pentax won’t have to choose between creating an entirely new mount or just rehashing the old K-mount. The rub is that a fixed lens will certainly increase the camera’s price.

Another in-depth and fascinating piece from Iconic Photos. This week’s launching point is a 1983 photo of Pope John Paul in Managua. Papal intrigue!

Got an old Polaroid Land camera in your closet and want to retrofit it with a manual shutter? This Emulsive article is for you. The parts apparently cost only $10, but the complete procedure looks too complicated for our meager DIY skills. Let us know if you can manage.

Who invented the first camera? A brief history of Nicéphore Niépce, Louis Daguerre, William Henry Fox Talbot, and the light-tight box we all love.

If you are lucky enough to be in London, you can check out a new exhibit of Richard Avedon’s incredible work. Avedon: Glamorous runs at the Hamiltons Gallery from May 17 to August 11, 2023.

So Super Cool

Analog Forever is an actual, real-deal print magazine that focuses on film photography, and it is gorgeous.

History and evolution of commercial aviation photography. Longish article with incredible photos from the birth of flight. Definitely a must-see if early photos (or airplanes) are your thing.

So who really needs a top-shelf mirrorless camera to shoot sports? Not photographer Zack Albert. He rocked a Rolleicord V at Darlington Raceway to give us all 60 portraits of the drivers and crew. The article mentions that the ISO of the film he used is 400, but there is nothing about the actual film stock, which is a bummer because the vintage vibes are sweet.

Photos from the 1971 Glastonbury festival. Photographer Paul Misso talks about how he ended up in a motorhome with a famous actress and 250 rolls of Kodak film to shoot the now-famous music festival. The pics are part of his new book, In The Vale of Avalon: Glastonbury Festival 1971. Our cover photo for this issue is featured in the article.

Brick & Mortar

On a Roll film lab is opening new digs in Naples, Florida.

And on the other coast of the U.S., Ballard Film & Foto is opening a new camera shop and lab in Washington.

All the Feels

Nothing better than a feel-good found-film story. So this week we managed to find two. The first is about a disposable camera shot in 2006. The second is about some lost film negatives looking for their original home.

What, free film?! It’s not just a pipe dream. The FREE FILM : NYC project offered gratis rolls to people who were interested in documenting their neighborhood. They also taught photography workshops for girls as part of an after-school program. So much win.


Japan Camera Hunter is partnering with Legacy Photo Lab to offer a 10% discount on developing. Just use the code JCH10 at checkout.

Trying to get a film look with your digital files? Mastin Labs is offering a 20% discount store wide. The sale ends tonight at midnight (PST).

Polaroid’s spring sale has slashed up to 50% from select items.

FilmNeverDie is having a flash sale that ends today. Use code [winterwarmer] to get 10% off.

FIA Updates

We’ve linked to some updated camera reviews with the latest prices for 2023. Canon’s EOS 650 and Minolta’s XG1 are still very affordable options for new film shooters.


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