Our license at Film Is Awesome (FIA) is super straightforward. 

What You Can Do

Any photo and/or photo set that you download for free or purchase can be used by you for any commercial or non-commercial purpose (except as noted below). You don’t need to ask permission from FIA or our contributing photographer (although a link would be super cool). We genuinely, sincerely, and totally want you to make awesome stuff with our awesome stuff. And then make money with the awesome stuff that you made with our awesome stuff. Have at it!

“Editorial” photos available on FIA can be used by you for any non-commercial purpose (except as noted below). Editorial photos may contain copyrighted/trademarked material that has not been cleared for commercial use. We don’t sell them ourselves because of possible copyright issues. If you choose to use them for commercial purposes, you agree to do so at your own risk and agree that FIA is not responsible for your use of them. 

What You Can’t Do

You can’t sell photos or photo sets that you have downloaded or purchased from FIA.

You can’t compile or collect FIA’s photos to create a similar or competing service. 

You can’t upload FIA’s photos to a similar or competing service.

The Legalese License

FIA grants you a nonexclusive and worldwide copyright license to copy, modify, perform, and use photos from FIA for commercial (if qualified) and non-commercial purposes. Attribution to FIA or the contributing photographer is not necessary. This license does not grant you the right to collect photos from FIA to sell to, contribute to, or create a similar or competing service.